Lithium battery CR2032 DL2032 BR2032 K-CR2032 E-CR2032 car alarm keyfob 3.0 V

Lithium battery CR2032 DL2032 BR2032 K-CR2032 E-CR2032 car alarm keyfob 3.0 V

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CR2032 (DL2032, BR2032, K-CR2032, E-CR2032) lithium
Type: Lithium. Voltage: 3.0 V.
Width: 20.0 mm. Height: 3.2 mm.
CR2032 lithium button cells are commonly used in car security (car alarm/keyfob batteries),
organizer (backup battery for PDA such as Psion etc), glucometer, camera,
electric thermometer, calculator, computer equipment (memory backup battery),
toys, communication equipment, electronic watches/clocks, card radios, data pack for video camera.

Toys, Calculators, Watches, Clocks, Meters, LCD tools, Testers, Thermometers, and all manner of gadgets.

Condition: new

We listed only some items, this battery fit to:

2 X Apple Remote Control; 
Accu-Chek Active Glucose Meter; 
Accu-Chek Advantage Glucose Meter; 
Accu-Chek Aviva Glucose Meter; 
Acer Aspire Desktop New Motherboard; 
Alesis QS6 Internal Memory; 
Alfa Romeo Car Key;   
Apple TV Remote; 
Audi Car Key;
August LP200B Wireless Presenter; 
Baby 4in1 Thermometer; 
Batteries CatEye Nima 2; 
Bayer's Contour Glucose Meter; 
Bayer's Contour Link Glucose Meter; 
BGStar Blood Glucose Meter; 
Bios Cmos Laptop Replacement Battery; 
BMW Car Key;
Bose Sound Dock Remote Control; 
Bose SoundDock 10 Remote Control; 
Boss DR-660 Drum Machine; 
Car Key Fob Akku Ford Fiesta; 
Cateye Micro Wireless Computer; 
CatEye Nima; 
Cateye Stealth Computer; 
Cateye Strada Computer; 
Contour XT Glucose Meter; 
Cube RFR LED Front & Rear Lights; 
CycleOps Joule; 
Dell Dimension Desktop New Motherboard; 
EasyScan Infrared Sensor Ear Thermometer; 
FAAC Electric Remote Gate Fobs; 
Fit for a lot of items, we listed just main of them below; 
Ford Car Key; 
FreeStyle InsuLinx System Glucose Meter; 
FreeStyle Lite System Glucose Meter; 
Gateway Desktop New Motherboard; 
Genuine Cateye Velo Computer; 
GlucoDr Auto Electrical Meter; 
GlucoMen GM Glucose Meter; 
GlucoMen Visio Glucose Meter; 
GlucoRx Blood Glucose Meter; 
Hyundai Remote Key Fob;
IBM Lenovo Desktop New Motherboard; 
Internal Back-Up Memory Sega Saturn; 
Jaguar Car Key; 
Knog Frog Strobe; 
Knog Nerd 3V; 
Knog Strobe; 
Land Rover Key Fob; 
Lezyne Femto; 
LifeScan OneTouch Vita Blood Glucose; 
Lloyd's Pharmacy Bathroom Scale; 
Lloyd's Pharmacy Thermometer; 
Marantec Electronic Gate Remote Control; 
My Weigh Elite Digital Bathroom Scale; 
Mylife Pura Blood Glucose Meter; 
NES, Super Nintendo, N64; 
Nissan Micro Car Key; 
Omnitest 3 Glucose Meter; 
Pasnew Radio Controlled Wrist Watch; 
Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal - Game; 
Proviz Bike Lights - Neutron; 
Remote Car Fobs Control; 
Roger Gate Remote Control Fob; 
Salt Weight Scale; 
Samsung 3D Glasses; 
SD Codefree Blood Glucose Meter; 
SealSkinz Lightweight Halo Overshoe Light; 
Seat Car Key; 
Seca Weighing Scales; 
Sega Megadrive / Gen; 
Soehnie /Jennings Digital Scales; 
Soehnle Digital Bathroom Scale; 
Sony VAIO Desktop New Motherboard; 
Sunding Computers; 
Taylor 3831BL Biggest Loser Digital Scale; 
Taylor 7023W Electronic Bathroom Scale; 
Vauxhall Car Key; 

Volkswagen Car Key; 

Wahoo RFLK T Powered Bike Computer; 
WaveSense Jazz Blood Glucose Meter; 
Yamaha DX21, DX27, DX100; 
Yamaha DX5, DX7, DX9, DX11; 
Yamaha EX5 EX5R EX7; 
Yamaha O2R Mixer;