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Antique silver plated spoon from Italy with Rome She-wolf on the top

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£20.00 GBP
Vintage souvenir spoon from Rome, Italy
The decoration on the handle and She-wolf on the top
Material: silver plated (no marks only ITALY)
Length: 120mm
Weight: 12.8g
Condition: used
Great gift idea
In the Roman foundation myth, it was a she-wolf that nursed and sheltered the twins Romulus and Remus after they were abandoned in the wild by order of King Amulius of Alba Longa. She cared for the infants at her den, a cave known as the Lupercal, until they were discovered by a shepherd, Faustulus. Romulus would later become the founder and first king of Rome. The image of the she-wolf suckling the twins has been a symbol of Rome since ancient times and is one of the most recognizable icons of ancient mythology.