USSR vacuum cleaners

USSR vacuum cleaners

Moscow - 'Soviet' Design exhibition - ‘Chaika’ vacuum cleaner, manufactured starting from 1963 at the ‘Kommunar’ plant, USSR, 2,5 million units made; from the Moscow Design Museum collection.
Vacuum cleaner "Saturn". «USSR 1950–1980»

Vacuums "UP-1", 1955 Electric power them. Kirov

Vacuums "Cyclone - M" 1986. 

gadget - paint sprayer for vacuum cleaner 
vacuum cleaner "URAL"
размер 319x400, 19.74 kb
vacuum cleaner "Buran"

Vacuum cleaner "Rocket"

Vacuum cleaner "Moscow" (Москва / Уралец)

Vacuum cleaner Neris  c. 1959

Venta (Вента) c.1963

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