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Collection: Giorgio Grimoldi

Giorgio Grimoldi Milano was born as a family business, following the Italian tradition of the artisan companies, founded by Anselmo e Rosanna Grimoldi who have been able to create a solid and in continuous development reality, with the ability to pass down their passion and talent to their four sons and daughters who collaborate today in the management of the family company that has become a landmark in the artisan production of the Italian jewellery.
Keeping the creativity and the originality of an artisan laboratory, but also choosing a researching style and an innovative spirit, Grimoldi Milano is today continued with enthusiasm by the second generation, that has been able to dedicate itself to the stylistic research and to the design, working hard for finding innovative shapes and original lines, in tune with the contemporary and increasing the referring market to an international level.
With a degree in horology obtained in Swiss, Roberto Grimoldi has been able to enhance the dedicated to the watch field. To the family team Grimaldi Milano take actively part Giorgio and Cesare too who, following their father’s path and having besides inherited the same creativity, realize and sign all the collections, characterized by a perfect equilibrium between the classical elegance and innovative originality. To complete the contemporary story of a company that has by now become a tradition, their sister Pamela, expert in business strategies, administrative manager of the sales points of Grimoldi Milano. A family tradition that showed to be able to keep its ideals, the life and work philosophy, the purpose to spread the jewels culture, not only just like decorations, but also as an expression of a way of being, of a strong and determined personality.
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