The item was delivered - ROYAL MAIL

The item was delivered - ROYAL MAIL


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When you send mail with us using a tracking service, your item gets scanned at various points in its journey.

You’ll see this information when you use Track your item.

Please note:

  • The status in Track your item will be the most up-to-date information we have.
  • The number of times your item is scanned depends on the service used.
  • For some services – including Signed for® 1st Class  – we scan items twice: when we receive them and when we deliver. This could mean the status of your item doesn’t change for a few days. Don’t worry though, it’s on its way.

We’ve tried to make the messages as easy to follow as possible, but we understand that some of them can be confusing. Below you’ll find some of the most common terms and what they mean.


One the example of our dispatched item.