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Billion Zimbabwe Dollars note

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Zimbabwe ten billion dollars banknote of Reserve Bank
Each of these beautiful 10 billion dollar notes was issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
They are no longer printed by the Reserve Bank 
They are perfect for warning friends and family about the dangers of hyperinflation
1) 1'000'000'000.00 / One Billion Dollars - Condition: seen photos (very good)
2) 5'000'000'000.00 / Five Billion Dollars - Condition: seen photos  (NEW) 
3) 10'000'000'000.00 / Ten Billion Dollars - Condition: seen photos  (like new) 
4) 20'000'000'000.00  / Twenty Billion Dollars - Condition: seen photos (very good)
5) 50'000'000'000.00 / Fifty Billion Dollars - Condition: seen photos (Used)
6) 50'000'000'000.00 / Fifty Billion Dollars - Condition: seen photos (NEW)
You buy only one banknote!
Original wedding party gift idea