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Antique 1910 sterling silver anointing spoon London British Empire

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Antique 1910 sterling silver anointing spoons
British Empire

maker mark: CS ✰ FS Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis Hollings (Frank) Shepherd
British Empire sterling silver hallmark - p (c.1910), Leopard head (London assay), lion passant (sterling silver)
spoon weight: 38.8 g
length: 168 mm

Condition: seen photos
Collectable - Rare Gift Idea

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This is Original antique spoon made in 1910, as well is a replica spoon of the anointing spoon which is part of the coronation regalia. The original spoon (held at the Tower of London) is made of gold and dates back to the 13th century, making it the oldest coronation piece. In the coronation ceremony Holy oil is poured from the Ampulla, which is in the form of a gold eagle, into the spoon. The spoon is then applied by the officiating Bishop or Archbishop to the new sovereigns head, breast and palms. Original coronation regalia - spoon dimensions: 26.7 x 5.1 cm.