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Lambretta Cielo Watch Rose Gold Moro with leather strap

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Italian for heaven - the definition of the Cielo both in language and in style.
Inspired by the glory days of the 60's Lambretta scooter, this smaller 34mm Cielo Pure Watch is overly confident and clean with a two-tone face.
Draw playful attention with the Cielo Pure Rose Gold Watch as its elegance blends perfectly with any outfit for a touch of class.
Cielo is Italian and means heaven. Attractive eye candy, clearly inspired from the 60's and the glorious days of the Lambretta scooters. This stylish fashion accessory knows how to draw attention by being fun, elegant and affordable. Cielo will put the right fashion spin on your look this season, let it be the final touch to your outfit!
37 mm case
Stainless steel caseback
Genuine leather strap
2 years international warranty
The clamour for motor scooters went into decline with the advent of affordable cars, but a revival came in the swinging 60's, when young people in London with a love for Italian fashion became enchanted with the scooter. Known as Mods they embraced the Lambretta as an icon for their way of life. One of the biggest bands of this era, The Who, had a huge influence on Mods culture. Their album Quadrophenia also became the name of a tribute Mods film in the late 70's, which featured the Lambretta heavily.
Lambretta Watches capture that feeling of freedom, fun and independence that riding a scooter makes you feel. When you wear Lambretta, you can be sure that you have a unique and stylish watch for every mood, occasion and time, communicating attitude and happiness!
These inspired watches combine the very best of Italian fashion, Swedish design and British style!
Condition: new