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Large sea snail Indian Volutidae Melo Melo shell from Indonesia great interior peace

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Large sea snail Indian Volutidae Melo Melo shell from Indonesia
dimensions approx
diameter 135mm.
Great interior peace
Perfect collectable gift idea
Condition: see photos

Melo Melo, common name the Indian volute or bailer shell, is a very large sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Volutidae, the volutes.
This large sea snail is known to live in littoral and shallow sublittoral zones. It usually dwells in muddy bottoms at a maximum depth of nearly 20 m.
The notably large shell of Melo Melo has a bulbous or nearly oval outline, with a smooth outer surface presenting distinguishable growth lines. The outside shell colour is commonly pale orange, sometimes presenting irregular banding of brown spots, while the interior is glossy cream, becoming light yellow near its margin. The columella has three or four long and easily distinguishable columellar folds. It has a wide aperture, nearly as long as the shell itself, yet this species is known to have no operculum. The shell's spire is completely enclosed by the body whorl, which is inflated and quite large and has a rounded shoulder with no spines. The apex is of smooth type.