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Lladro Nostalgia from UTOPIA Collection Porcelain figure

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Porcelain figure of a melancholic harlequin.
This Lladro figure continues in the same line as the famous figurine Sad Harlequin. The illustration of the pronounced stylization of the figure marks the Lladro style from the 60's. The artists took their inspiration from Picasso's famous painting Arlequin Pensativo from his blue period.
Lladro number 01008249.
Sculptor: José Javier Malavia
Finished: Gloss
Porcelain Type: Gloss
Height (cm): 26 Height 10.2"
Width (cm): 33 Width 12.9"
Length (cm): 25 Length 9.8"
withdrawal_year: 2015-01-01
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Condition: New

The 1950's:
The beginning of the adventure
Lladró is the story of the passion for porcelain of three brothers, Juan, José and Vicente Lladró. Artists who made porcelain into a way of life and managed to build a business empire with their own hands.
Lladró is the success story of an iconic Spanish brand. A world leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of porcelain art creations, Lladró is a unique mix of talent, audacity and meticulousness in the quest for excellence.
From sculpture to lighting, home accessories and jewellery, Lladró is a brand that stands for a contemporary, stylish and exclusive lifestyle.