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Princess Elena and Ivan, Russian tales porcelain plate from Palekh Marsters of Russia, Wall Decor

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Wall Decor Russian tales porcelain plate from Palekh masters of Russia.
Tale: Princess Elena and Ivan ( rus. Царевна Елена и Иван)
From the Collection of "The Golden Bridle"
Diameter: 198mm
Depth: 25mm
Every plate has a different ref. numbers.
Condition: Excellent New Old Stock Condition
Unique Collectible Gift idea

"Princess Elena and Ivan "
Second plate in a series of limited-edition collector's porcelain plates created in Russia and inspired by the age-old Russian legend of the quest for a bird as brilliant as fire. Crafted in the age-old tradition of miniature painting on lacquer, "Princess Elena and Ivan " is issued in an edition limited to a maximum of 195 firing days. Produced under the hallmark of the Leningrad Porcelain Factory, Leningrad, U. S. S. R.